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Bowl Season Baloney

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The bowl business is pretty interesting. You might even call it weird. This time of year, bowl reps show up at games, often dressed in those awful pastel blazers, checking out potential teams.

On one hand, the bowl reps always say they'd love to have (fill in the blank) in their game. At the same time, they're checking out everyone else. And if (fill in the blank) isn't as good a draw as someone else, too bad.

The bowls don't want you after all.

That could be the case with Utah and BYU this year. The Las Vegas Bowl says it has Utah on its radar, is very interested, but hasn't extended an invitation. Why? It reportedly wants a Notre Dame-Air Force match-up.

Meanwhile, Utah didn't really want the Vegas Bowl, it wanted something better. And Kyle Whittingham doesn't really like Vegas — he said so a few years ago. But whaddayagonnado?

For now, the happy talk will continue.

Then there's BYU and it's possible New Mexico Bowl invitation. I'm sure the NM Bowl people would love to have BYU, in a way. It's bound to draw pretty well. At the same time, the University of New Mexico hates BYU. Albuquerque hates BYU. And you can bet there are people on the bowl committee who hate BYU, too.

All is fair in love, war and bowl selections.

To top it all off, unless you go to a BCS bowl, your school loses money, or breaks even at best.

I'm not even going to get into the Independence Bowl possibilities, mainly because I don't want to think about it. Shreveport in December isn't my idea of a prime bowl destination, and it's not the Utes' either. But both of us will do what we have to do.

When the bids start coming this week, everyone will make nice and pretend they were one another's first choice all along.

Ho-hum. Sports and politics --which are often the same thing -- can be so predictable.