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Ticky: Nothing But Net

Just in case the 2,500 words I wrote on Luther "Ticky" Burden earlier this week weren't enough, here's one more story.

Willie Dabbs, who calls himself Burden's agent, recalls the first time he saw Burden play, when they were in high schoole.

Here's where we pick up the narrative: "First game I went to, I had a friend of mine who was on my team and he was a big fan of Luther. I said, 'Where we going?' and he said, 'We're gong to see the guy who's gonna be the best player ver to come out of this town (Albany, N.Y.).' I said, 'Come on, man, I'm gonna be the best.'

"So they're having a game one of those nights and my friend says, 'You've got to see this guy play.' I said I'd be happy to go.' I was so in a trance when I was seeing this man. He missed one or two shots, had 22 points, and nothing was even going around the rim. Swish. Nothing touching. I'm thinking, 'Is there a magnet attached to that net?'"It's like it didn't touch the rim or nothing, just straight through the basket. I couldn't believe it. The guy was amazing, man."

Dabbs went on to say Burden was in a shooting class of one.

"I'll tell you something: LeBron, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo (Anthony), none of them had the art of shooting like Ticky. Some people shoot and it swishes sometimes. His swish was all the time."