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Should There Be More Utah Honorees?

A story I wrote last week on ex-Ute Luther "Ticky" Burden generated a number of e-mails from readers who either reminisced, or wanted to know why Burden's number hadn't been retired at the Huntsman Center.

Fact is, quite a few of Utah's all-time greats aren't up there.

It has actually been fairly arbitrary. For instance, Danny Vranes' number has been retired, but not Tom Chambers'. Billy McGill's is in the rafterrs but not Burden's.

Those who have been honored so far are McGill, Vranes, Andrew Bogut, Arnie Ferrin, Andre Miller, Vergn Gardner and Keith Van Horn.

Who else do you think should be up there? In what order?

Among the possibilities: Mike Doleac, Mike Newlin, Jeff Jonas, Merv Jackson, Jeff Judkins, Tyron Medley, Mike Sojourner, Pace Mannion, Josh Grant, Byron Wilson and Hanno Mottola.

Have I left anyone off?

Should they all be in the rafters?