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Believing in Checketts

Real Salt Lake majority owner Dave Checketts is an interesting case. He's widely admired by Utahns and clearly respected by politicians. Yet his image took a beating for a time while Rio Tinto Stadium was being constructed.

Now he appears to be on top of the world, or close to it. His soccer team is MLS champion. He's trying to put together a bid for the St. Louis Rams. Part of the good news for him is the media – or at least an important part of it -- seems squarely in his corner.

Check out this column by Bernie Miklasz in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

And this:

Checketts may not have done everything perfectly in the Rio Tinto deal, but he does have one thing the country sorely craves from anyone in high places: a positive vibe.

Apparently he has that other SL (St. Louis, not Salt Lake) believing. Small wonder. If he can turn RSL into a league champ, who knows what he could do with the Rams?