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Olympian Undertaking

Talking with Olympic skier Ted Ligety of Park City, the other night, the conversation got around to his off-hill activities. I asked him about his annual "road rally" when he's in New Zealand.

He told me you could find it on Youtube.

Sure enough, it's there.

Ligety says on his first such trips to the country to hold a rally, "it wasn't that far in the middle of nowhere, but if we hadn't had someone else there with a backup car, it would have been a long walk back to civilization."

Ligety also said he feels he's "peaking at the right time and feeling really good in my skiing" as he approaches the 2010 Olympics.


Apparently the media has forgotten the Winter Olympics since 2002, or at least they are getting their stories elsewhere.

On Wednesday, 25 Olympians who live and work out in Utah were at EnergySolutions Arena to meet the public. Prior to the meet-and-greet, a press interview period was held near the Hot Rod Hundley Media Center.

Other than me, the only reporters I saw there were Amy Donaldson of the Deseret News, an A.P. reporter and one TV reporter and cameraman. One or two others may have wandered in. But it seemed to me with only a week until the Olympics, there would be a lot of media coverage.

It sort of reinforced the suspicion that most people, American media included, don't pay much attention to winter sports until the Olympics are here. Then they're riveted for three weeks. The rest of the time it's business as usual.