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Watson's Right: Tiger Should Live Up to Golf

Tom Watson caused a stir, this week, when he said Tiger Woods needs to show some humility.

He went on to say the world's best golfer needs to apologize and say he wants his family back. But the most interesting thing in Watson's remarks was that he also said Woods needs to clean up his act – his language and his behavior on the course.

It is interesting that for years, Woods mostly got a free pass. It was quietly reported that he had the mouth of a longshoreman. Watson spoke of Woods throwing clubs, too.

For a sport that shushes spectators except for certain moments; that prides itself on its hushed atmosphere and genteel rules; that expects spectators to stand motionless while a player is putting; that admits only certain members at certain clubs, in order to keep out the rowdy types, it has curiously tolerated Woods' behavior.

Woods isn't the worst or first. Tommy Bolt broke and threw clubs. Tom Weiskopf, too, has been known for his temper tantrums, too. There have been numerous others.

Still, Watson is right. If the game truly holds to the principles it espouses, it shouldn't look the other way from bad behavior and language. Otherwise, it's just hollow sentiment, rather than rules to live by.