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Utah, BYU: Cut the Kids’ Stuff

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Reading the papers and watching the news the past week, I've noticed BYU again using a term it adopted a year or two ago. Cougar football coach Bronco Mendenhall refers to the "blue zone."

Everywhere else in the country it's called the red zone — the area inside the 20 — but seeing how BYU's chief rival wears red, well, that won't do.


Mendenhall isn't the one who started all this. Utah and BYU have always been rivals. But Urban Meyer ramped things up when he came to Utah. He allegedly put BYU logos in the urinals. He also refused to call BYU by its name, referring to it as "the team down south."


I'm big on rivalries being heated and I'm not nave enough to think real rivalries don't get nasty. But this blue zone and team down south stuff is just plain juvenile.

Refusing to call your rival by name isn't just disrespectful, it's lame. Calling an opponent by its name isn't a sign of weakness. Meanwhile, changing the red zone to the blue zone only confuses people. By that logic, why not call it a "putting blue" instead of "putting green," because green represents Colorado State?

Play hard. Work your guts out. Hate your opponent. But don't do silly things like renaming teams and zones.

It looks like high school. Or younger.