When Utah joins the soon-to-be Pac-12, next season, it will end decades of tradition with WAC/Mountain West teams. But Utah's longest rivalry isn't against a Mountain West team.

Utah State has played Utah more times than any other team (109).

Second is BYU at 91 games and counting.

Want to take a guess at No. 3 all-time? Wyoming, at 82 games. Colorado State is fourth with 76 meetings.

But here's a surprise to many: The fifth-most popular opponent for Utah is its new Pac-10 travel partner, Colorado. Utah has played the Buffs 57 times. But the last time those schools played was in 1962.

Colorado is followed by New Mexico (51), Denver (43), Arizona (36), San Diego State (29), Oregon (26) and Air Force (26).


Despite playing Indiana just three times, one of them ranks among the most memorable Ute games ever. Not because of the game (a 28-26 win in Bloomington in 2001), but the travel. That year the plane flew into a lightning storm on the way home.

"Guys were throwing up," recalls former player and current assistant Utah coach Morgan Scalley. "It was scary bad."

Scalley went on to say teammate Sean Souza "was saying he was from Hawaii, turbulence was nothing. Ten minutes later he was throwing up in a bag."