Raja Bell in case you haven't been getting the signals since mid-season is not happy. He feels he's been disrespected by coach Ty Cobrin.

The Jazz guard lobbed a verbal grenade in his coach's direction on Tuesday, saying the way Corbin handled his situation this year was wrong.

"I just thought that the way I was handled by Ty was unprofessional," Bell said.

That remark made national news. But it really wasn't so shocking here in Utah. Anyone who has watched Bell understands him. He's fiery, competitive and maybe a little bit out of touch, considering his age. But I understand that. Everyone who doesn't play feels he is being misused.

Bell was an undrafted player from Florida International. He fashioned a respectable career based on fierceness and hard work.

Now he feels powerless to earn his minutes.

Because Corbin and Bell are two nice people off the court, it's a little surprising this controversy would erupt. But not really. Bell wears his feelings on his shirtsleeve. He has his argument, having shot a decent 47 percent during the regular season. His 3-point percentage (.391) was best on the team.

At the same time, it's hard not to wonder where Alec Burks would have been in the playoffs, had he gotten Bell's minutes earlier this year. Bell's injuries, combined with age (35) have affected his game. Corbin moved on, using Gordon Hayward at shooting guard in the playoffs.

I don't blame Bell for wanting to play, but he made a tactical mistake going public with his complaint. I'm all in favor of guys speaking their minds, but a case could be made that Bell's rant was unprofessional in its own way.

With a year left on his contract, he's asking to be moved. He'd have done better to keep things quiet, accept the reduced role, and try to do what he's always done: battle his way back, against the odds.