Welcome to the new minor league baseball: minor league basketball.

The Texas Legends of the NBAs Developmental League are reportedly looking into signing 37-year-old Allen Iverson to a contract.

Before you say good idea, remember, this is the team that signed Greg Ostertag to a contract in 2011. He lasted, oh, five minutes.

The Legends have already signed troubled guard Delonte West, who has a history of emotional problems.

The D-League likes to think of itself as a gateway to the NBA, for either former stars or future ones. But to me its starting to look a bit like low minor league baseball promotions gimmicky. It was also a D-League team, the Utah Flash, that promoted a fake story about Michael Jordan playing Bryon Russell in an exhibition game.

I cant really see the attraction in seeing over-the-hill or troubled players trying to make a comeback.

Of course, I wouldn't have gone to see Eddie Gaedel, either.