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Kreis exits the right way

Normally the guy, post-game, is as stoic as a monument.

But I dont hear a lot of complaints. He spent seven years coaching the team, before New York City FC made him an offer he couldnt refuse. Its illogical to think a 41-year-old coach would spend the next 25 years coaching in Utah.

Thing is, Kreis often tells people he is a perfectionist.

Salt Lake isnt the perfect place to coach soccer.

It has a nice fan base that loved him, even though he wasnt exactly a warm personality. But it loved his winning.

Besides, Kreis left the right way. He stayed a good long time in Utah. He wasnt a one-and-done guy, which is essentially what Urban Meyer was at Utah. John L. Smith didnt even coach a football game at Weber before taking another job.

I can see where people resent those guys.

Kreis cant be blamed for moving.

But the best part of his decision was how he handled it: He never said he was staying.

A lot of coaches could learn from that.

Sometimes theres much to be said for just saying nothing.