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Better for Jazz if Kobe were healthy

Looks like a break for the Jazz -- Kobe Bryant is out.

Official word on the Laker star came Saturday afternoon, when it was announced that hes out for the season with a torn Achilles tendon. For Jazz fans, that means an increased chance of returning to the playoffs. Odds of L.A. winning its final two games against San Antonio and Houston -- without Bryant are slim.

The Jazz probably only need win one of their final two games against Minnesota and Memphis to clinch the final playoff spot.

As much as Jazz fans hate the Lakers, this isnt a good way to get into the playoffs. Bryants injury isnt the Jazzs fault. But ending up in a down-to-the-wire race for the final playoff spot is.

It would have been more validating for the Jazz to get to the playoffs despite Bryant, not in his absence.

The best thing they can do now, if they make the playoffs, is to prove they belong there.