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Deseret News to reschedule chat with Steve Bingham, director of SLC marathon

UPDATE: 12:31 p.m., MST

Regrettably, Steve Bingham was unable to join us online for our live chat.

If possible, the Deseret News will continue to attempt to orchestrate a live chat with Bingham and will communicate the time at which the chat will take place when we learn more details.

Thank you for joining the Deseret News for this live chat event, and again, the staff of the Deseret News apologizes.


The Deseret News will host Steve Bingham, race director for the Salt Lake City Marathon, in a live chat on this page at 11:30 a.m.

The explosions at the Boston Marathon on Monday have brought this weekend's Salt Lake City Marathon into laser focus. This weekend's marathon, the first major marathon since the bombings, will likely receive extra attention nationwide.

Bingham will join the Deseret News to discuss the issues facing the marathon this weekend in the face of the bombings and the measures the Salt Lake City Marathon will take to prepare for what will almost definitely be the largest marathon in the city's history.

Landon Hemsley, sports content manager for, will moderate the discussion and field questions for the race director from the digital audience.

Do you have a question or commentary for the race director to address? Please comment below, comment on the Deseret News Facebook page, the Google+ event page associated with this live chat, or tweet us @desnewssports using the hashtag #dnewsmarathon.

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