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The new/old Urban Meyer

Remember Urban Meyer, the family guy?

Hes the coach that was supposed to have become more balanced after his health scare in 2009 and a leave of absence in 2010. The guy that said he was going to start smelling the roses and spending more time with his family.

Now the former Utah coach is the boss at Ohio State. His team went undefeated last year, but didnt play in the postseason due to sanctions.

And he says hes turned over a new leaf.

Asked by ESPN to compare the current Urban Meyer to the one who won the national 2006 national championship at Florida, Meyer said, Im in a good place right now. I think once you hit a certain point in your life you dont want to go back there. I feel great and Ive got a bunch of good guys Im working with and I trust my staff, and in the off-season Im off. Theres times when Ill just Im gone, and I never did that in the past. There are times when I say Im gonna go, my sons got this, my daughters got that, Im gonna take my wife somewhere. I would have never done that, and I do that now.

This tells us two things about Meyer.

First, he wasnt as much of a family guy as he said he was at Utah. Thats not knocking him, because he truly did seem devoted to his family. He was just never around it. You dont go from coach at Bowling Green to the national title in four years by taking April to August off and working 9 to 5.

Second, his team went 12-0 last season. I really doubt he takes all that much time off now, either.

Im not buying the get-away-with-the-fam stuff any more than I did when he was at Utah in 2003-04.

I seriously doubt that a coach can win multiple national championships nowadays and be an attentive family guy. He can certainly be a family man. But hanging out regularly with the family in the off-season?

I doubt it.

That doesnt make him a bad guy.

It makes him a coach who still wants to win national championships.

The new Urban Meyer looks a lot like the old one to me.