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Stubbornness not serving Tebow

It was no huge surprise to read that Tim Tebow has been released by the New York Jets.

With six quarterbacks, there was no reason to keep the guy who raised the profile but lowered the bar when it came to passing. Now its debatable whether anyone wants the former Florida quarterback.

AP Photo With the controversial Tebow in New York, the story was seldom about his actual game. says he is one of five QBs in the last 30 years to complete less than 40 percent of his passes (300 attempts minimum) in his first three NFL seasons.

Stories say Tebow drew interest from several teams as a potential tight end, but he wasnt willing to go along.

I figure he should do it for one big reason, aside from possible playing time: to change the perception.

Tebow has been a lightning rod due to his squeaky-clean image and devout Christianity. When he played poorly, it seemed to invite more criticism.If Tebow would agree to switch positions, it would take the heat off as a quarterback and show hes willing to change.

Everyone knows Tebow is a determined guy and that he doesnt like to give up. But it also takes character to change positions and succeed there.

If Tebow were to switch to tight end and do well, it would not only refurbish his image, but add to the legend.

This is one place where stubbornness isnt the best quality to have.