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Stockton’s story -- in his words

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John Stocktons upcoming book Assisted is endorsed by (surprise!) none other than John Stockton.

While it was somewhat unexpected that he would even write a book seeing how he avoids publicity it was made easier by two things. First, he wrote it himself, with backup from his 6-8th grade coach.


Deseret News photoSecond, he wrote the full manuscript beforehand, rather than piecemeal, so it couldnt be easily manipulated by publishers.

He said publishers like to presell books by having a hand in what will be the content.

So right off the bat they can say, Lets have some coaches in it and Great, well have half with Stock, half with Malone and youre Whoa, whoa, whoa. So we chose that (self-contained) route purposely.

He said there were two or three publishers that informed his co-author, Kerry Pickett, they wanted significant editing. The book is published by Shadow Mountain, a division of Deseret Book. Stockton said the Utah publisher wanted it; it was important to them.

The key, though, was that the book needed to be his own, with his priorities, not an agent or publishers ideas. Shadow Mountain was more than happy to comply.