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Dale Murphy gets more vocal on PEDs

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The clean guys are fed up with PEDs.

And Im not talking about the fake good guys like Ryan Braun. Im talking about those who actually didnt use PEDs, like Dale Murphy. If youre snickering and saying, How do we know? lets just say because he never got his 400th home run. He ended up with 398.

Talk about a temptation. Some say Murphy needed those final two home runs to inch his way into Hall of Fame territory. But he never got them. Im pretty sure some juice would have earned him those last two homers if he were a user.


A few years ago, Murphy was fairly low key on the subject of PEDs. He would say he didnt encounter a lot of that when he was playing in the 80s and early 90s and didn't have much information. That was true, nobody did. Later, as more information came out, he became more strident, calling for players to admit guilt and advocating a possible amnesty arrangement.

He also suggested known cheats should be ineligible for the Hall of Fame.

Now he's telling Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal Constitution that baseball should consider lifetime bans for PED users. But proving they used them wouldn't be easy. Or haven't you noticed?

At any rate, the ultimate clean guy has had enough. He entered the majors during Henry Aarons final season. So hes seen what clean can do.

In the past, Murphy the nice guy was slow to criticize anyone. Now hes still a nice guy. But hes tired of the cheaters tarnishing baseballs name.