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The NBA, sleeves and the early Rockmonster

SHARE The NBA, sleeves and the early Rockmonster

NBA players are known for their sharp dress.

That's off the court. On-court? You decide.

On Thursday the league released images of its All-Star uniforms. Sure enough, following trends begun by various teams, the uniforms will have sleeves.

I have to say, I was once a fan of sleeved uniforms. I played a lot of pickup games in tees. A lot of church ball in them, too. When I was in junior high and grade school I loved them, mainly because my arms looked like twigs in traditional cut uniforms.


Me, front row, far leftStill, the new trend in the NBA looks a little weird to me. NBA players don't really need to cover up their arms.

So while I don't hate the sleeve look in the NBA, I'm going to chalk it up as a temporary trend. I'm guessing that two years from now they'll be back to the usual look...or something else entirely.