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Mistreating the stylish Tyrone Corbin

Photo by Tom Smart Deseret NewsDetroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy is steaming mad.

And its not necessarily about his teams 21-33 record. Rather, its about the way the Sacramento Kings made it an open secret they werent going retain ex-Jazz coach Tyron Corbin, but instead hire George Karl.

Before the Pistons game on Wednesday, Van Gundy told reporters, "I think it's an unfortunate situation the way it's been handled. I think Tyrone Corbin has been treated very, very poorly by their organization. I think the way they've treated him is unfortunate and inexcusable for one of the real class acts in our business.

"To have a very public coaching, not search, courting going on and while you're asking him to coach games, I think he's handled it with a great deal of class."

I agree with everything Van Gundy said. The Kings did mess up. And Corbin is a class act.

While its true the Jazz fired Corbin, they didnt practically conduct open search while he was coaching. The Jazz werent wrong in switching, they just used a more sensitive tone.

Corbin may or may not get another chance to be a head coach. But hes never had a really good team to lead. Regardless, he will always have a job in the league. He knows the game and is both loyal and likable. Thats a combination that will continue to serve him.

That kind of coach, and person, does indeed deserve better.