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Lebron’s injury: move the baseline cameras?

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It was scary during Thursday nights NBA Finals game when LeBron James went down.

With two other All-Stars out with injuries, a third would have made the playoffs a farce for Cleveland. James got body checked by Golden States Andrew Bogut, then went flying into the baseline cameras. He came out with a cut on his head.

Afterward, Bogut dismissed the incident, saying he jumped into the cameraman and that he took two steps, then fell into the camera.

James said it cut me pretty bad and he was just hoping it wasnt bleeding.

It was.

This has raised the question of whether TV cameras should be moved back. The answer: depends on what kind of coverage people want. In an effort to make things up-close-and-personal, the cameras are up close, too. Theres no getting around that.

Some are saying the intrusion is an unnecessary hazard, including NFL star Aaron Rodgers.

Its really a simple decision. If the fans want intensely close coverage, the camera people have to stay courtside. If they want better safety, the camera people have to go.

But once the NBA does that, why not move courtside fans back? How many times has Matthew Dellavedova dived into the stands in the playoffs?

Then end result would be poor viewing position for fans at the game, worse angles for television viewers.

I assume the NBA and LeBron James (and Aaron Rodgers) are just going to live with it.