I remember seeing Eric Weddle as I was walking across the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot, several years ago, on my way to a game.

I dont recall what kind of car he had, except it was an older one, with a few dents, and which I believe he had driven in college. In the tradition of the great Steve Young, Weddle had refused to make wheels his first priority after arriving in the NFL.

A few of us writers said hi to Weddle, exchanged some pleasantries and, looking at his car, one of us said, "Eric, you can afford to get a new car."

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 2.37.31 AMTo take it further, I added, Eric, what do you say we sports writers pool our money and buy you a newer car?

Weddle laughed and said, in essence, thanks but no thanks.

Then he went on to become a perennial All-Pro.

Knowing Weddle was not then fixated on material things made me trust what hes saying right now that the Chargers havent been fair or fully honest with him in contract talks. He's saying the organization is misrepresenting the amount of contact they've had, and the offers they've discussed -- if any.

I had started to think Weddle was a Forever Charger. But once the relationship deteriorates this far, its usually irreparable. When someone starts sounding disingenuous the Chargers claim they have had ongoing contract discussions with Weddle, which he denies then its usually past the point of return.

It's been a nice eight seasons for him in "America's Finest City." But America's Finest Organization? He thinks not.