The Orem Owlz made national news over the weekend when it was learned the team had planned a Caucasian Heritage Night in August.

The team imagined itself staging a lighthearted send-up of white culture, featuring white bread and mayo on burgers, accompanied by clips of Seinfeld. But it backfired when a lot of the public didnt think it was funny.

Owlz management clearly didn't anticipate the fallout.

In fairness, it doesn't seem the Owlz were purposefully doing something racist. The general manager is Justo Vazquez. But as critics pointed out, the event could be construed as a mockery of minority heritage events. Considering black heritage was ignored or minimized for many years, there is good reason to avoid promotions like the Owlz planned. Team management should have understood that, especially when the media relations director/announcer apparently pointed it out.

Given the amount of nationwide publicity the Owlz have received, its likely they have paid their price. Their announcer resigned over the uproar. The teams image has been damaged. At worst, it's a public relations disaster that will take years to overcome. At very least it's a harsh lesson learned.