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BYU fans: Back to royal blue?

I have been a proponent of BYU going back to royal blue uniforms for a long time. Not only did I appreciate seeing the Cougars wearing the colors that made them famous, but I thought BYU made off with Utah States color scheme when it turned to dark blue.

Soon after, I suffered through the caramel-and-blue uniforms of the Gary Crowton era.

The dark blue uniforms of today look crisp and cool, but the royal blue looks like Steve Young, Jim McMahon, Jason Buck and, yes, Ty Detmer and Kalani Sitake.

That said, it surprised me a little to know neither of those colors are the favorite of BYU receiver Nick Kurtz.

He loves the black rendition.

Deseret News photoI didnt even know what BYU was til I was in junior college, but I love watching those highlights with the old school jerseys, he told me on Tuesday. But my all-time favorite has got to be the black jerseys. I hope we wear them this year, at least for one game.

I told him he was a child of his generation. Millennials love black uniforms.

In all candidness, I never liked blackout nights, where teams wear a color that was never part of their scheme. But I also know marketing people are all over the chance to sell another color of shirts.

Black uniforms look like San Diego State which has nothing to do with the schools in Utah.

Im guessing a lot of BYU players agree with Kurtz. They arent as tied to the old school colors. They like the edgy look that novelty uniforms provide. Its all about what looks good today.

So for those like me who are advocating a change in colors, maybe we should be careful what we wish for.