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Locker room chemistry is dying

It was apparently a prank. But it turned out to be a lot more than that.

Fresh off the largest loss in team history, the Los Angeles Lakers are making news for a video rookie DAngelo Russell made of teammate Nick Young. The video shows Young discussing a woman who is not his fiancee. You can read details by clicking here.

Apparently teammates are now isolating Russell since the video went public.

The everything-is-public world were in has even infiltrated teams. For decades, players talked about the locker room being a sanctuary a place where team members could speak freely and not share with the outside world.

Its true that team chemistry stories have popped up for decades. But to have a video of an apparent private conversation between Young and Russell appear on Snapchat is a different matter. (USA Today said Russell thought it was for a "private" audience.)

The trust level with the Lakers is now said to be at zero.

I cant see this going anywhere good. Team chemistry is a tricky thing to begin with. If a player doesnt like another player, he can record something on his cell camera and accidentally leak it to social media.

Once upon a time, reporters would see something happen in a locker room and leave it out of the newspaper. That wouldnt happen nowadays. Too may others around with cell cameras.

The only observation I have on this is that keeping chemistry balanced was always tough. It will only get harder as we continue on in the era of full disclosure.