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Slightly nervous is good, say BYU players

Do you get that familiar excited feeling in your stomach when you go to work? If youve been at it long, maybe not. You're in a routine.

When youre an athlete, though, it could be essential.

At BYU this week for the Cougars first spring practice, I asked receivers Nick Kurtz and Mitchell Juergens if they got butterflies on the first day of spring practice.

Kurtz: Im sitting there like, all right, I kind of have the butterflies."

Juergens: Oh, yeah. Even if it was the same coaches, every time you step on the field, you get butterflies, especially with a new staff. You want to be at your best, so you get butterflies.

Experts say the nervous excitement that precedes a sporting event is a good thing, if channeled correctly. Just dont let it get out of hand. But having an edge going into competition is helpful.

So I asked BYU coach Kalani Sitake if he gets butterflies before spring practice starts -- especially this one, his first as a head coach.

Not really, he said. I just like it. I like being around (the players). These guys make feel young. Being around them is a shot of energy for me and its an honor to be here.