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What was Lillard like in college?

Deseret News photo by Ravell CallReading ESPN personality Chris Broussards NBA Player Power Rankings, I see where Portlands Damian Lillard is hanging tough at No. 7. Broussard points out that the rating is who is currently playing the best basketball.

Amazing but true: Lillard is playing so well, some sportscasters are saying hes putting in Curry-like performances.

The focus on Lillard brought to mind a conversation I had this week with his college coach, Weber States Randy Rahe. I asked whether a coach can tell if a player will turn out to be a star.

There are certain kids, if you do sign, you know could be really good, Rahe said. Damian obviously was one of themWhen we signed him, we knew his talent level would be special for the Big Sky. We knew he was a great kid, but would he buy into what we were doing? We knew if he didhe could be incredibly good. We didnt know he would be that good --- nobody can forecast that but he buys into the program, is unselfish, very humble and a perfect match, and then he took off.

Thats the impression Ive had with Lillard, both while he was at Weber and since he moved on to the NBA.

Here is a link to a column I did on him when he was at Weber State.