An ESPN poll says Big 12 coaches favor BYU and Houston. Thats no surprise, unless maybe Cincinnati outranked Houston.

Its all lining up nicely for BYU to finally join a P-5 conference.

But what would speculation be without paranoia? So Ill toss out this tidbit: Kansas State coach Bill Snyder says at least a couple of former Big 12 schools wish they hadnt left. Speculation is that it's Colorado and Nebraska.

Im sure both schools would say they are happy where they are. But if the Big 12 decides to add just two schools, who knows? Weird stuff happens when alignment is involved.

For the record, Im skeptical of Snyder's comments. BYU didnt jump back into the Mountain West when things got tough. Why would Colorado and Nebraska jump back? If Texas and Oklahoma left, the Big 12 would be scrambling again.

I dont think BYU needs to worry a lot about Houston, Memphis, Boise State or Cincinnati edging it out. But it can worry a little about Snyders remarks.