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Morning links: Urban Meyer’s most enjoyable season was at Utah

The University of Utah’s co-head coach Urban Meyer shouts on the sidelines during the seconde half of the 2005 Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, AZ, Jan 1, 2005. Photo by Jeffrey D. Allred/Deseret Morning News (Submission date: 01/01/2005)
Jeffrey D. Allred

SALT LAKE CITY — The University of Utah was definitely on Urban Meyer’s mind last week, and not just because he made a guest appearance at the Utes’ football practice.

During an interview on The Herd show, the wildly successful football coach turned FOX analyst was asked if there’s one year in his coaching career that he looks back at as being more enjoyable.

Ute fans might enjoy his response as much as they liked hearing Lee Corso picked Utah to advance to the national championship game this season.

Meyer most fondly recalls Utah’s 2004 season in which the team ran the table and became the first non-BCS school to play in a BCS bowl game.

“When I look back and see what we did at a non-BCS school,” Meyer recalled. “… That team (Utah on any given day could beat anybody.”

Utah finished the 2004 campaign with a 12-0 record and a No. 4 ranking after defeating Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl.

Meyer proceeded to win three national championships with Florida and Ohio State after leaving the Utes.


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