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Golf Week in Utah includes Friendship Cup and Sand Hollow Open

Former BYU golfer Zac Blair shot a 7-under 65 at the Sand Hollow Open on Friday.
Former BYU golfer Zac Blair takes a shot at Sand Hollow Golf Course, which will host the inaugural Friendship Cup.
Garrit Johnson/Fairways Media

SALT LAKE CITY — Gov. Gary Herbert has declared this “Golf Week in Utah” in accordance with the first annual “Friendship Cup,” a friendly competition between golfers in Utah and Scotland, and the annual Sand Hollow Open.

The first Friendship Cup will be played Monday at the Sand Hollow Golf Course near St. George. A second competition will be played in June 2020 at St. Andrews Golf Club.

Team St. Andrews is made up of 15 members from three clubs in the St. Andrews region, St. Andrews Golf Club, Ladybank Golf Club and the Crail Golf Society.

Team Sand Hollow is drawn from several clubs in Utah, whose members are financing the competition to bring the golfers from Scotland to Utah.

“This is a global competition for the ordinary golfer,” said former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt, the captain of the Utah team. “The teams will consist of golfers who have varying degrees of skill, equalized with a handicapping system. However, they have one thing in common — they love golf and the sense of camaraderie and competition it inspires.”

Besides the competition, money will be raised to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

“We live and play in the ancestral home of golf,” said St. Andrews captain Rod Sturrock. “The Friendship Cup represents an opportunity for two great golf communities to become closer playing a game we all love.”

“Unlike country clubs here, most of the clubs in Scotland consist of average people and this gives them an opportunity to come and experience something they would otherwise not be able to, and that’s one of the more exciting parts of the Friendship Cup,” said Mark Leavitt, who is the chairman of the Golf Week.

Besides Mike Leavitt and Mark Leavitt, the Utah team includes Brandon Clark, Rob Despain, Chad Westover, David Layton, David Simmons, Craig Zwick, Eric Leavitt, Jim Sorenson, Eric Sorenson, Jim Quigley, John R. Miller, Rick Jordan, Ron Jibson, Saurabh Shah, Steve Peterson, Tom Thatcher and Vince Price.

Monday’s competition kicks off the weeklong celebration of golf that will include the annual Sand Hollow Open Friday through Sunday, a 54-hole tournament worth $20,000 to the winner.