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BYU football: How opponents fared in Week 13

Colorado linebacker Carson Wells, left, pursues San Diego State quarterback Jordon Brookshire, who runs out of the pocket during the first half of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Nov. 28, 2020, in Boulder, Colo.
David Zalubowski, AP
  • NAVY (3-5): Lost to Memphis. Next: Saturday vs. Tulsa (5-1).
  • TROY (4-5): Lost to Appalachian State, 47-10. Next: Saturday at South Alabama (4-6).
  • LOUISIANA TECH (4-3): Thursday at North Texas (3-4). Next: Saturday at Florida International (0-5).
  • UTSA (7-4): Beat North Texas, 49-17. Next: bye week.
  • HOUSTON (3-3): Postponed vs. Tulsa. Next: Saturday at SMU (7-3).
  • TEXAS STATE (2-10): bye week. Next: Saturday vs. Coastal Carolina (8-0).
  • WESTERN KENTUCKY (4-6): Postponed at Charlotte. Next: Tuesday at Charlotte (2-3).
  • BOISE STATE (4-1): Canceled vs. San Jose State. Next: Friday at UNLV (0-5).
  • NORTH ALABAMA (0-4): bye week. Next: bye week.
  • SAN DIEGO STATE (3-3): Canceled at Fresno State; Lost to Colorado, 20-10. Next: Saturday vs. Colorado State (1-2).