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High school volleyball: 2020 1A All-State Team

1A MVP — Esther Cox, Valley
Jerry Melrose

Note: The Deseret News picks its own MVPs, but the rest of the all-state teams are based exclusively on coaches votes.


Esther Cox, Valley, L, Sr.

Changed positions for benefit of the team, which ended up winning 1A championship. Finished with 825 digs, 572 receptions, 75 aces, 38 assists, 86% serving, 87% digs.

1A First Team

Paige Harris, Valley, OH, Sr. — 304 kills, 436 receptions, 50 aces, 271 digs.

McKina Stacey, Rich, OH, Sr. — 302 kills, 396 digs, 52 aces, 430 receptions.

Susannah Colby, ICS, MB, Sr. — .248 hitting percentage.

Kinley Spaulding, Milford, OH, Sr. — 91 aces, 301 digs, 292 kills, .198 hitting %.

Mckenzie Sudweeks, Piute, MH, Sr. — 13 kills per game, 4 blocks per game.

Jaycee Cornia, Rich, S, Sr. — 39 aces, 552 assists, 189 digs.

Brooklyn Brinkerhoff, Panguitch, L, Jr. — 439 digs, very good passer.

1A Second Team

Paiton Lazenby, Tabiona, OH, Sr.

Ruth Cox, Valley, OH, So.

Whitnee Spencer, Valley, S, Sr.

Kassidy Westwood, Piute, S/OH, Jr.

Abby Stevens, Wayne, OH, Sr.

Brittney Lamborn, Rich, OH, Jr.

Caitlynn Lyman, Escalante, L, Sr.

1A Third Team

Gabby Renaud, ICS, OH/OP, Jr.

Annie Peart, Rich, MB, Jr.

JaLeana Tsosie, Milford, OH, Jr.

Abigail Holman, Panguitch, S, Jr.

Hailee Eyre, Panguitch, OH, Jr.

Brooklyn Jessen, Piute, MH, So.

Hanna Williams, Wayne, S, Sr.

1A Honorable Mention

Amelia Valente, ICS, S, Jr.

Paige James, Milford, S, Jr.

Hailey Jacobs, Valley, S, Sr.

Tera Morgan, Piute, S/OH, So.

Rachel Jensen, ICS, OH/OP, Jr.

Analise Wiseman, Milford, MB, Sr.

Mersadie Rhoades, Tabiona, S, So.

Mikki Prows, Escalante, MB, Jr.

Zoee Torgerson, Escalante, MB, Jr.

Tayla McKee, Rich, RS, Jr.