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NBA commissioner Adam Silver reveals secret about Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant once spoke to Luka Doncic in Slovenian. Here’s what he said

NBA commissioner Adam Silver addresses the media.
NBA commissioner Adam Silver addresses the media.
Michael Conroy, AP

Kobe Bryant reportedly trash-talked Luka Doncic during a Dallas Mavericks game not too long ago, according to multiple reports.

What’s going on?

  • NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently revealed what happened between Bryant and Doncic during a Dallas Mavericks game earlier in the year.
  • Silver said Doncic told him that Kobe trash-talked him during the game.
  • Silver said: “Luka Doncic told me recently that he was being trash-talked courtside at a Lakers’ game earlier in the season. He looked over and there was Kobe (talking) in Slovenian trash-talking him with his wonderful daughter, Gigi, by his side.”

What did Adam Silver say about Bryant?

  • Silver said: “Kobe, in his post-playing career, we got to be particularly close. In fact, when we were in Los Angeles two years ago, there’s this tech conference we’ve been doing for 20 years now at All-Star games. Kobe spoke about his love of storytelling and a reminder to all of us in the business how important it is to tell those stories to bring these players to life and to help people understand the game. Then, two weeks after that presentation at our technology summit, he actually won an Academy Award for storytelling for his short on ‘Dear Basketball.’”

Silver also spoke with Chris Paul about Bryant

  • According to The Oklahoman, Silver consulted with Chris Paul, the president of the Players Association, about whether to cancel games on the day Bryant died.
  • Silver said: “We both agreed that, if anything, (there was) a sense that the people wanted to come together and be with each other.”