Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has floated the idea that the Super Bowl may have led to the spread of the coronavirus in Florida, according to Fox News.

What happened:

  • DeSantis spoke on “Hannity” Wednesday night about how Florida plans to stop the spread of the coronavirus, according to Fox News.
  • DeSantis said COVID-19 might have spread in Florida after tourists came to the state for the Super Bowl in Miami. Unavailable testing has made it difficult for the state to trace its orgiins.
  • DeSantis said: “I can tell you in terms of how this has spread in Florida, we think it’s Floridians who traveled internationally and brought it back, international travelers who came to Florida, people from New York who have come to Florida, and then Floridians who have gone to New York City and brought it back. Those are the main ways where this thing really took root in Florida.”
  • DeSantis said there  ”wasn’t a lot of testing being done in February.”
  • There were more than 62,000 people at Hard Rock Stadium for Super Bowl LIV, The Sun Sentinel reports.

Bigger picture:

DeSantis issued a stay-at-home order for his state Wednesday, too, after weeks of public health officials and experts calling for Florida to issue one. According to The New York Times, DeSantis resisted to issue the call under he had a phone call with President Donald Trump.

The New York Times said: “What it took for Mr. DeSantis to change his mind on Wednesday and finally issue a statewide order were a phone call with President Trump and a grave reckoning.”