SALT LAKE CITY — Every day we inch close to what could possibly be a restart to the NBA season. As momentum grows, so does curiosity and that’s where all of you come in.

Once again I reached out to have Jazz fans send their queries my way so that I can speculate with mild authority. I put out the call and as always, you came through. Let’s get to it.

Until free agency opens up, most everything is hype.

There are teams and players all over the place that have mutual interest. That doesn’t mean that anything will happen. You know who else has interest in Derrick Favors? New Orleans, and they have Zion Williamson. That’s a hard situation to pass on.

A lot of what the Utah Jazz are going to do, regardless of interest or desire, will depend on what happens with the salary cap. While those decisions have not been made yet, they are coming soon and that will give everyone a lot more clarity.

No front office “wants” to give anyone a max contract, and a supermax, which Rudy Gobert will be eligible for is a whole lot of money.

I think what Gobert and Donovan Mitchell want in respect to their contract size and extension is going to matter a lot more than what the Jazz want. If Gobert wants the full supermax extension and the Jazz don’t offer it, he could say no and then that’s when you have to start thinking trade scenarios.

Coming soon I’ll extrapolate a lot more on the situation, but in short, if I were the Jazz I would hope for a discounted supermax extension that’s smaller than the 35 percent of the cap, which would be the full amount Gobert could earn.

No news on broadcasting or schedule yet. I’ll let you know when I know. We all miss Boler.

The Jazz won’t have to sign Jarrell Brantley to a full NBA deal. According to reports that came out on Saturday, the league is going to allow two-way players to travel with teams to Orlando and they can be used as substitutions for players who are injured or can’t play because of the coronavirus regardless of their contract status.

Yes, I think Ed Davis will be traded in the offseason.

The thinking behind them having an advantage would be that because Gobert and Mitchell both had COVID-19 that they’re less likely to contract it again. From recent studies, though, antibodies from COVID-19 start to decrease within a matter of weeks, and when they get to Orlando it will have been four months from the date they tested positive in Oklahoma City.

I’m of course not a scientist, but I know that there is still a ton of unknowns and that is still being researched about this virus and it would be very naive to believe that Gobert and Mitchell aren’t at any risk of becoming infected again just because they already have.

That being said, those who have already gone through the isolation or had any of the symptoms could end up being even more cautious, which could be a good thing and their cautious approach could mean that others will follow their lead. Even if they’re cautious, though, there is no way of eliminating the risk entirely in Orlando and that’s the risk that the players are going to have to be willing to take if they agree to go.

OK (deep breath). I think that it is very important to have conversations about race and equality but I don’t think that it is at all helpful to compare or rank bigotry or racism among a fan base. That doesn’t feel helpful or necessary.

There are pockets of racism absolutely everywhere and I have heard disgusting things in every NBA arena. I, too, have heard despicable things in cities that NBA teams do not call home. But, there are also all of the decent and kind people and it’s the job of those people to call out things that aren’t right and try to change things for the better.

I’d love to be a part of starting a conversation in Utah, but I don’t think it requires me to rank anything.