HIGHLAND — Trailing 1-0 at halftime, Lone Peak completely flipped the switch Tuesday. 

In the second half, the Knights turned it on, scoring five goals to come away with a decisive 5-1 win against Corner Canyon.

“Just the effort the girls put in. We were just kind of a little reactive in the first half and a little slow to move off the ball,” Lone Peak head coach Shantel Jolley said of the second half change. 

“It was just a couple little changes, a little bit more effort, and it went a long way, made a difference.”

Out of halftime, Lone Peak looked much more crisp, connecting passes easily and creating plenty of scoring opportunities. 

“They did a lot better. Taking a couple of less dribbles, couple of touches to getting the ball off their foot quicker, just made a world of difference,” Jolley said.

Six minutes into the second half, Tatum Frazier scored on a free kick to give the Knights their first goal of the game. 

“I think there’s a little bit more confidence back in them. Once you kind of see one and you kind of tie the game up, it gets a little bit of momentum and kind of belief that we’re kind of still in this and we’ve still got a shot,” Jolley said.

“Our region is super tough, so every win is a good win and it’s a big deal because every game can go either way in our region.” — Lone Peak coach Shantel Jolley

About two minutes later, Elle Young scored a spectacular far-out shot and Lone Peak had the lead.

Not satisfied with two goals, the Knights continued to attack, controlling the ball for most of the second half.

Lacy Fox scored the third goal off of a give-and-go, and Savannah Nichols and Camryn Jorgensen netted Lone Peak’s fourth and fifth goals of the day. Elise Jeppson scored the lone goal in the first half for Corner Canyon.

“Honestly that second half, it’s hard to just pinpoint (a specific player) because an effort like that, obviously, was a full team. Our back line was solid and then our attackers just finally got a little bit more in them and found a way to finish,” Jolley said.

With the win, Lone Peak is now 3-2 in Region 4 play and 5-2 overall, bouncing back from a loss against American Fork.

“Our region is super tough, so every win is a good win and it’s a big deal because every game can go either way in our region,” Jolley said. “It’s just that tough. It was good for them to bounce back from a loss.”