SALT LAKE CITY — Las Vegas coach Jon Gruden isn’t quite sure how to prepare for one part of the Raiders’ Monday Night Football opponent.

Or is it two parts? Or three parts? Five parts? Ten parts?

Just put it this way: Gruden is well aware of the versatility of New Orleans Saints’ backup quarterback Taysom Hill.

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In fact, Gruden gave the former BYU standout what could be considered the ultimate compliment for a football player. While openly admiring how many different things Hill can do for the Saints, Gruden called him a football player.

“I don’t remember a quarterback that can throw and run read options and then line up at tight end,” Gruden said during his interview leading up to the Raiders-Saints game. “This guy is a weapon.”

Gruden continued to openly marvel at the numerous ways the Saints’ “Swiss Army knife” can do damage.

“He’s a special teams demon. He can be the personal protector on the punt team. He’s a great football player,” Gruden said. “You know how a lot of guys (say), ‘He’s a football player’? This guy’s a football player. He can play anywhere on the football field. You’ve got to be aware of No. 7 because he can ruin the game. They have a great package to keep us off his scent. You just can’t prepare for him for anything. He’s a football player.”

In New Orleans’ first win this season, 34-23 over Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay squad, Hill was listed as the starting wide receiver. The football player proceeded to carry the ball for 13 yards, haul in one 14-yard reception, complete a 38-yard pass on a double-pass play while being on the field for 17 offensive snaps and 12 special teams plays.

Football player, indeed.