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High school football: Taking games late becoming a habit for Green Canyon

For the second time this season, the Wolves overtook the lead with well under a minute remaining during Friday’s thrilling 27-26 win over Bear River.

NORTH LOGAN — The decision wasn’t as difficult as one would think, despite the circumstances leading up to Green Canyon football’s thrilling 27-26 win over Bear River on Friday.

Trailing 26-20, and with a full 2:24 left on the clock, the Wolves were faced with a fourth-and-10 situation just short of the 50-yard line. Perhaps enough time to punt it away, get a defensive stop, and then try again for the win, or instead go for it, putting the outcome on the line with just one play.

For Green Canyon coach Craig Anhder, it wasn’t much of a decision.

“With how Bear River was moving the ball, it wasn’t much of a decision, to be honest,” Anhder said. “But we also have a lot of confidence in our quarterback and our offense in that type of situation, so we decided to go for it, and it paid off.”

Green Canyon quarterback Jake Lundin calmly dropped back and completed a comeback route to sophomore receiver Caden Stuart for the first down. Several plays later saw Lundin complete another pass to Stuart, this one for just four yards, but it went for a touchdown and a 27-26 lead after the successful extra point with just eight seconds left on the clock.

For Lundin and his team, they’d been there before, and it showed.

Rewind to Green Canyon’s week 2 matchup versus Box Elder, where Anhder’s team was faced with a very similar situation, trailing the Bees 29-23 late. The onus was on Lundin to direct a touchdown drive then, and did as much by hitting Jacob Regen for the score with just 24 seconds left, and a 30-29 win.

“Having that sort of comeback win already in the year definitely helped us in that win over Bear River,” Anhder said. “Like a lot of teams, we’ve had a lot of adversity, and Jake has risen to the challenge through all of it. He’s always ready and just driven to be as successful as he possibly can.”

Watch replay: Green Canyon 27, Bear River 26

It hasn’t been all smooth-sailing for the Wolves this season. Two straight wins to start the year gave way to three straight losses, before securing Friday’s win over the Bears for a second straight win and a 4-3 mark on the year.

“We’re feeling good after fighting through some things and then having it pay off for us these last two weeks,” Anhder said. “I think it’s made these kids stronger, and that’s neat to see. Our offense has hit a stride, seemingly, and we’re finding a good rhythm to go forward with.”

It won’t be easy for Green Canyon to close out the year, with Logan and Ridgeline the final two opponents, although Anhder remains optimistic.

“We don’t have a lot of seniors, but the ones we have have been really good for us,” Anhder said. “So it’s really come together well with our mix of young players and older — more experienced ones. We have two tough games to finish it out, but we like the progress we’ve made and hope to keep it going to finish out the season and into the playoffs.”