Aminata Diallo, a former soccer player for the Utah Royals, was released from police custody Thursday without charges one day after she was arrested in an investigation into an attack on one of her teammates, The Associated Press reports.

Diallo, who currently plays for Paris St.-Germain women’s soccer team, was questioned about the attack, in which her PSG teammate Kheira Hamraoui was pulled out of her car and beaten after a team dinner last week, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

Per The New York Times, France doesn’t put people in detention during police inquiries. Prosecutors have to charge suspects or release them within 48 hours.

  • Diallo was not arrested or charged.
  • Hamraoui “is recovering from injuries to both her legs and her hands sustained in the attack, which took place after a team dinner,” according to The New York Times. 

Sports magazine L’Equipe reported that Diallo had been arrested for allegedly hiring masked men to injure Hamraoui to stop her from competing for playing time.

  • But this came as a surprise because the players have reportedly taken vacations together and were often viewed as friends, per The New York Times.

The investigation will continue. An acquaintance of Diallo’s, who lives in the French city of Lyon and had been in jail on something unconnected to the attack, was questioned and then released, too, according to The New York Times.