Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers confirmed Tuesday that he has a rather rare COVID-19 symptom — COVID toe.

Rodgers, who has been listed on the reserve/COVID-19 list for the Packers, recently talked about his injury on his weekly show with Pat McAfee and former teammate A.J. Hawk.

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Does Aaron Rodgers have COVID toe?

During the show, Rogers explained that his injury was worse than he thought, per Acme Packing Company, a Green Bay Packers blog.

  • “The problem with turf toe is it’s the joint in your big toe and it is very painful. So, naturally, I’m leading people to understand that if it’s worse than turf toe there must be some sort of bone issue. Again, it’s better the fifth toe than the first toe.”

But then Rodgers confirmed that the injury was something related to COVID-19, saying there were “no lingering effects other than the COVID toe.”

The Wall Street Journal confirmed that Rodgers is dealing with COVID toe, too.

  • “The Packers star quarterback is dealing with a painful toe injury that stems from the body’s immune response to his recent case of COVID-19,” according to WSJ.

What is COVID toe?

The COVID toes symptom first popped up in April 2020, confusing experts in the early days of the pandemic, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

The COVID-19 symptom is often shown by “presence of purple or blue lesions on a patient’s feet and toes,” according to USA Today.

  • Dr. Ebbing Lautenbach, chief of infectious disease at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine, told USA Today that the toes become painful to touch. In some cases, they could make someone feel a burning sensation.

COVID toes may also suggest “the skin could be a kind of window about what may be happening with COVID-19 inside the body,” according to ABC News.