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The real reason why LeBron James got the COVID-19 vaccine

LeBron James confirmed he got the COVID-19 vaccine. Here’s why he got it

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Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James fields questions.

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James fields questions during the NBA basketball team’s media day Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021, in El Segundo, Calif.

Marcio Jose Sanchez, Associated Press

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James said he received the COVID-19 vaccine in order to protect his family.

James said he had skepticism about the vaccine. But his opinion changed when he thought about how the coronavirus could impact his family, per CBS News.

  • “I think everyone has they own choice — to do what they feel is right for themselves and their family and things of that nature,” he said. “I know that I was very (skeptical) about it all but after doing my research, I felt like it was best suited for not only me but for my family and my friends.”

However, James said he won’t publicize or promote the vaccine, saying everyone has to make their own decision about whether or not to get the jab.

  • “We’re talking about individuals’ bodies. We’re not talking about something that’s, you know, political or racism or police brutality,” James said, per CBS News. “So I don’t feel like, for me personally, I should get involved in what other people should do with their bodies and their livelihoods.”

James’ comments come as questions swirl about the NBA and its players’ stance on the COVID-19 vaccine. Last week, the NBA denied a request by Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins for a religious exemption for the COVID-19 vaccine, putting Wiggins’ future with the Warriors in jeopardy as he would need to be vaccinated to play home games, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

  • Over the weekend, Rolling Stone had a deep dive into how some conspiracy theories about the vaccine — including one that suggests “‘secret societies’ are implanting vaccines in a plot to connect Black people to a master computer for ‘a plan of Satan,’” per Rolling Stone — are moving through NBA locker rooms.

Other teams, though, have found success with vaccinations. According to reports, about 90% of the NBA player base is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Player vaccination rates have been rising with training camps on the way.