The Super Bowl is right around the corner and there will be a new champion crowned — which is something Utahns will be looking into down the road.

The news: A new report from MI Bets has analyzed the most Googled questions about the Super Bowl by each state.

  • The top-search question nationwide is, “What team has the most Super Bowl rings?”
  • Kansas, Colorado and Missouri were most interested in the actual upcoming Super Bowl itself, searching for “what time is the Super Bowl on?” and “what channel is the Super Bowl on?”
  • And then there are states that want to know about football. In eight different states, the most Googled question was, “how many quarters are in football?”
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The Utah question: Utah has a pretty simple Google question about the Super Bowl — “Who has won the most Super Bowls?”

  • This is similar to Tennessee’s question, “who got the most Super Bowl wins.”

Anticipation: States across the West are eager to watch the Super Bowl, according to the report.

  • Utah ranked as the fifth-most eager state to watch the Super Bowl.
  • Wyoming was right behind at the No. 6 spot.
  • Idaho finished at No. 7.
  • Arizona ranked at No. 8
  • Nevada finished at No. 10.

The bigger picture: This isn’t surprising for 2022 since former University of Utah star Eric Weddle is one of the star performers of the NFL playoffs and could make an impact in the upcoming Super Bowl, the Deseret News’ Jeff Call writes.