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2K League offers player bonuses for the first time

The NBA 2K League has a new prize pool and bonus structure for players

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Photo of the Wizards Gaming squad.

The Wizards Gaming squad, winners of the NBA 2K League Championship last season.

NBA 2K League

The NBA 2K League announced Wednesday it will double its total cash prize money for its upcoming season as the league prepares for a number of 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 tournaments.

Prize pools: The NBA 2K League is changing its format for its fifth season, adding more tournaments instead of a regular-season format.

  • Each tournament will come with a specific prize pool, which will be shared among those winners and semifinalists throughout the tournament.

Here’s a breakdown of each tournament and its prize pool.

  • The Tipoff (April 5 to April 23) — $250,000 total prize pool.
  • The Turn (May 24 — June 11) — $250,000 total prize pool.
  • The Ticket (Aug. 12 — 13) — $50,000 total prize pool.
  • NBA 2K League Playoffs and Finals — $1,000,000 total prize pool.

Worth noting: Multiple teams in the NBA 2K League Playoffs and Finals will receive a piece of the prize pool. Here’s the breakdown:

  • First place — $250,000.
  • Second place— $100,000.
  • Third place — $50,000.
  • Fourth place— $50,000.
  • Fifth through eighth place— $25,000 each.
  • Ninth through 12th place— $10,000 each.

Bonus: NBA 2K League players can now earn bonuses for winning year awards at the end of the season, the league announced.

  • Most Valuable Player — $15,000.
  • Defensive Player of the Year — $7,500.
  • Rookie of the Year — $7,500.
  • Coach of the Year — $5,000.
  • Most Improved Player — $5,000.