It didn’t take long for Michael Jordan and LeBron James to have some company.

The NBA superstars — former and current — were, as of eight days ago, the only athletes to become billionaires.

LeBron James just made money history

As of Friday, Forbes estimates that Tiger Woods has joined the exclusive club.

Per Forbes’ Matt Craig, Woods has made over $1.7 billion in his 27-year professional golf career, via salary, endorsements and other forms of income. That number is the most money made by any athlete that Forbes has ever tracked.

Woods’ net worth is now estimated at over $1 billion, making him and James the only athletes to become billionaires while still active in their respective sports — Jordan became a billionaire after he retired and became the owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets franchise.

According to Forbes, less than 10% of Woods’ net worth has come from earnings garnered playing golf. Rather, sponsorship and endorsement deal with Nike, TaylorMade, Gatorade and Monster Energy have provided the lion’s share of Woods’ earnings.

Per ESPN’s Tom VanHaaren, Woods has become involved in ownership and course design, through TGR Design, TGR Live and TGR Ventures.

Forbes reported that Woods is involved in the food industry too, through The Woods, and has invested in Heard — a hospitality software startup — and PopStroke — a luxury mini-golf experience.

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Woods’ net worth has steadily grown over the years, weathering multiple off-course controversies. Per Forbes, Woods made $68 million in off-course income this year alone, all while recovering from a car crash.

That number could be higher, too.

Per The Washington Post and Greg Norman, the CEO of the new Saudi-backed LIV Golf tour, Woods turned down an offer in the “high nine digits” to compete on the fledgling golf tour.

Woods didn’t need the money.