Few softball programs in the state have seen as much success as Spanish Fork has in the last 13 years.

Since 2011, Spanish Fork has earned seven state championships with two separate three-peats, including its title runs from 2021-2023. Bear River is the only team to ever win four or more consecutive softball championships with five between 2008-2012, and Spanish Fork has the chance this year to win its fourth consecutive championship and become the second team to ever do so.

Spanish Fork entered the 2024 season as the preseason favorite to repeat as Region 7 champions and state champion, and on Tuesday it took sole possession of the top spot in Region 7 with a convincing 11-3 road win over Salem Hills.

“That was a great win. We came out and hit the ball,” said Spanish Fork head coach Natalie Jarvis.

Spanish Fork got out to an early 6-0 lead and held the Skyhawks scoreless in the first three innings.

“We were hitting the ball solid, the game broke open, we had a great inning with two outs and that’s when we got it going,” said Jarvis.

In the fourth inning, the Dons’ Alyce Archuleta hit her first home run of the season to push the lead to 9-0. Archuleta ended Tuesday’s game batting .750 and recorded two RBIs.

“I just felt really good swinging the bat,” Archuleta said. “I felt really on time with it and I wasn’t thinking much in the box. When I don’t overthink it helps me hit better.”

In response to Archuleta’s home run, Salem Hills swapped Brooklyn Hansen in at pitcher. Hansen quickly racked up strikeouts and Spanish Fork started to struggle to get players on base.

The Skyhawks’ Emma Higginson hit a home run of her own to bring in two runs which cut the lead to 9-2. However, the experience of Spanish Fork helped it stay calm and didn’t allow Salem Hills to get back into the game.

“We were never thinking that we were going to let them back into it. I think we were just trying to figure it out,” said Jarvis. “Just trying to figure out what we needed to do differently at bat against (Hansen), and as far as defense it was just working through it. I’m just proud of them and they played well.”

With Archuleta on base Spanish Fork’s Olivia Carroll hit her fourth home run of the season to push the lead to 11-2 and put the game well out of reach from Salem Hills.

The Skyhawks managed to get in one last runner in the bottom of the seventh, but that’s all Spanish Fork allowed as it secured the victory and moved its Region 7 record to 3-0.

“We’re a pretty solid team and no matter where we are in the lineup you just know you’re going to get solid hits,” said Archuleta.

It was a big win for a Spanish Fork program that’s on the hunt for yet another state title.

“I feel pretty confident in us,” said Archuleta. “Even if we don’t get another championship, I think we can get far. We aren’t going to go down easy and it’s going to be a fight no matter what.”

Jarvis said the sustained success of the program comes down to simply the love of the game.

“It’s the traditions and the love of what we do,” she said. “We all love being here, we love playing the game and we play it right.”