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After signing 6-foot-8 Utah center Keba Keita, BYU basketball coach Kevin Young continues to target front-court players in hopes of solidifying BYU’s roster.

According to Robby McCombs of, BYU offered UCLA transfer Berke Buyuktuncel and Maxim Logue from France, both 6-foot-9 athletic players. If BYU can sign either one, it could take away the loss of Noah Waterman if he chooses not to return to BYU after putting his name in the transfer portal on Monday.

In the meantime, there’s been a lot of chatter about the importance of BYU signing Keita. He had more than 20 offers, including Kentucky, when he put his name in the portal, and many were offering him big NIL money.

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Question of the week: How important is it for Kevin Young to complete his roster sooner rather than later? Predict what he might be looking at and why.

Dave McCann: With a core of talented players already in place, including the addition to Keba Keita from the transfer portal, Young and his staff are taking their time to make sure the added pieces not only help this year’s team, but future years as well. There is a need to work quickly, but not to do any panic buying.

According to ESPN, over 1,900 Division I men’s basketball players had entered the portal by April 25. There are plenty of options still out there, including 20 kids ranked among ESPN’s top 100. Young’s staff has a working list of preferred targets, and they are bringing many of them in for visits.

I think at the top of the wish list is the quest for more size. BYU needs additional help in the low post to complement Keita and Fousseyni Traore. The Cougars could use another point guard to back up Dallin Hall, and they will always find room for a sharpshooter or two.

The process takes longer at BYU than other places because not only must a transfer fill a need, but he must also be a good fit. The school’s honor code may not be for everyone, but it will always exist for those who choose BYU, and before Young signs any new faces he must make sure they understand that.

Dick Harmon: These are interesting times for BYU athletics. By all accounts, Kevin Young and his staff are swinging for the fence with recruiting. They are going after highly sought-after talent who are being offered big NIL money by other schools. Those recruits are listening, taking visits, hearing BYU’s pitch and are examining BYU’s collective NIL offers that are in the ballpark.

Keita reportedly had more than 20 offers when he entered the portal, and some of them were supposedly in the $600,000 to $800,000 range. BYU may or may not be playing with that kind of NIL, but we can assume from the folks they are offering scholarships to for roster spots that they could be in the ballpark. You see this in how football player Kody Epps and basketball players Lauren Gustin, Richie Saunders and Dallin Hall entered the portal and strengthened their positions with BYU by returning. This makes me believe that the entire BYU athletic family and administration has stepped up with a philosophical tweak in how they are determined to be competitive in the Big 12.

I think BYU will add one to two post players and obtain a player who can help with backcourt duties. It will be interesting to see who was also in the running for these players.

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Comments by Deseret News readers:

I think it’s highly likely that 1) Waterman returns or 2) BYU picks up another forward or 3) both 1 and 2.

A different news outlet reported that UCLA Transfer Berke Buyuktuncel and France’s Maxim Logue are on campus today.

Contrary to McCann, if no new players are added, I think Koz (as a freshman) is a better replacement for Waterman than Dawson would be. Dawson is a natural 2, and could extend to the 3 spot with Young’s offense. But he’s not a 4, especially on defense.

— Cougfnintx

Let me provide some accurate analysis of BYU’s roster as it currently stands.

Back court:

Returning players:

PG Dallin Hall

SG Richie Saunders

SG Trevin Knell

SG Dawson Baker

SG Trey Stewart


SG Spencer Johnson

SG Jaxson Robinson

Dallin Hall will start as the primary ball-handler just like last year, and I think Richie will push to start at the wing in place of Spencer Johnson. If healthy, Dawson Baker will likely come off the bench behind Trevin Knell. BYU still needs another ball-handler to back up Hall and another wing player to back up Richie.

Front court:

Returning players:

C Fousseyni Traore


C Aly Khalifa

F Atiki Ally Atiki

F Noah Waterman (potentially, could still return to BYU)

Unless BYU brings in a starting-level center, Fouss will start there for BYU. He’s undersized but was productive in the Big 12 last year. Keba Keita has been brought in and will likely come off the bench behind Fouss. At the 4, Noah Waterman starts there if he returns, if not BYU likely needs a transfer player to fill that gap. Freshman Brody Kozlowski will be the backup. Returned missionary Adam Stewart is a depth piece, and BYU likely needs at least one more big for depth.

Aly Khalifa is a unique loss because he traded places with Hall initiating the offense. Unless BYU can find another big who can initiate offense, that gap will need to be filled with a guard.

— cheezit

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