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The Ten Commandments In Today's Society

Ten utterances changed the ancient world. Are they relevant today?

Is Google getting in your head? How targeted ads make it harder than ever not to covet

Here's why — and how — to observe a digital Sabbath

Christian Sagers: We made mistakes breathing life into the internet, but we can fix them

5 ways to stop companies from tracking and targeting you online

In our opinion: Honesty and integrity must not fade from society

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Poll: Are the Ten Commandments still relevant today? Americans and Brits differ, and millennials stand out

Americans are more likely than the British to say each of the Ten Commandments are important today, but American millennials stand out for lower levels of support.

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Special report: The astonishing revelation about Republicans and lying

The number of Republicans who say they would vote for a presidential candidate who seems willing to lie to cover up the truth has more than quadrupled since 2015.

Explore the data behind the Deseret News special report on lying in America

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Americans are increasingly comfortable with many white lies, new poll reveals

Is it morally OK to embellish a resume? To call in sick when you're taking a "mental health day"? What about posting old photos on a dating website? See how your thoughts about dishonesty line up with other Americans.

How to cheat-proof your marriage, according to science

The Trump effect: Do Americans still care if public figures have affairs?

Special report: 1 in 4 Americans don't think one-night stands count as cheating

Interactive graphic: What counts as cheating?

News release: Deseret News survey looks at what counts as infidelity and adultery in the digital age

Are millennials programmed to cheat?

When Hollywood puts God on screen

If money can't buy happiness, what actually can?

Netflix, religion and the rise of profanity in entertainment

Breaking promises: Honoring parents as life winds down

The Instagram effect: How the psychology of envy drives consumerism

How families can keep the Sabbath when the world interferes

Should your boss know that you keep the Sabbath?

New poll finds Americans less likely to keep Sabbath than in 1978, but majority still say it's important to society

When to stay with a cheater

Why more Americans want to kill the death penalty

Why you shouldn't be best friends with your kids

How the Internet makes it easier to lie — even to ourselves

Why one family puts down cellphones, car keys, and pens once a week

The morality of playing God with your baby's DNA

First degree: How America recovered from a murder epidemic

American idols: When a nation falls in love with itself

24/7: The case for a day of rest in a digital age

Thief in the night: Stealing in a digital age

'You can't handle the truth': 96 percent of Americans admit to lying

State of affairs: Americans approve of adultery less than any behavior, but it may be rising among women

Era of expletives: Profanity and vulgarity in modern society

Soul seekers: How spiritual is secular America?