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The West

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The problem with allowing Western land to go to the highest bidder

The American West has never been "no man’s land."

Can Western states and the federal government get along? Spencer Cox hopes so

Montana just surpassed its peak for COVID-19 ICU patients. That says something about the West

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The maze of tunnels under Las Vegas — and the people who live in them

Like hundreds of people, Paul Vautrinot once lived in the dark tunnels below Las Vegas. Now he’s helping others climb out.

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How an unsolved double homicide and Gabby Petito’s final days have cast a dark cloud over sunny Moab

Locals say they are grief-stricken, afraid and angry as the investigation into the murder of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner enters week six without answers.

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The conservative case for environmentalism

We need more conservative people, like many in Utah’s Carbon and Emery counties, to join the conversation about climate change.

Drought and climate change are draining the Colorado River. Sens. Mitt Romney and Michael Bennet went to see for themselves

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Will these tent cities for homeless people be a model or a warning?

Cities across the West struggle with rising homelessness. The city of Missoula, Montana, is trying out a unique solution.

Is the West’s housing market overpriced? These cities rank as nation’s most ‘overvalued’

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A race against time on the Bonneville Salt Flats

On the Bonneville Salt Flats, racing records have been set and reset. But all that while, the salt was disappearing.

Record-breaking number of public comments could delay Little Cottonwood traffic plans

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The U.S. has terrible maternal mortality rates. Could midwives help?

Midwives who travel could give rural women a better birthing experience.

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Anatomy of a drought: How the West may change for decades to come

Lake Powell is becoming a puddle. Cities are running out of water. Record breaking heat, fallowed fields and yellow lawns. The 2021 drought in Utah and the West is historic — and there may be worse impacts to come in the future. Here’s why.

Will drought in the West usher in a new generation of reservoirs?

Study finds wildfire smoke exposure increases the risk of preterm birth

Patagonia boycotts Wyoming ski resort over owners’ Republican fundraiser

Opinion: What does fishing have to do with COVID-19 and climate change? Let me tell you

State of change: Minorities now driving more of Utah's population growth than white people

Does it help or hurt animals when humans get up close and personal?

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Why is air quality so bad? West Coast wildfire smoke creeping east

West Coast wildfire smoke and ozone pollution are making unhealthy breathing conditions in Utah, and regulators are suggesting people avoid heavy exertion and move activities indoors.

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Family, identity and one of the longest manhunts in U.S. history

Fifty years ago, a police shooting set in motion a decades-long chase across the American West.

A bird’s-eye look at 5 stunning facts about the golden eagle

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Golden eagles are dying. This unlikely partnership is trying to help

The golden eagle is in trouble and there is a group of hearty folks out there documenting those troubles and doing what they can to alleviate the problems. This matters to important military installations in Utah, which is funding an extensive western research effort. Here is what they are learning.

As numbers dwindle, how you can help preserve the Beehive State's 1,100 bee species

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Working remotely ... wherever you park

Inside the freewheeling life of the digital nomad.

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Here’s what to do if you see a mountain lion

It is estimated that mountain lions have killed less than two dozen people in North America during the last century.

Sheriff's office identifies hiker who died from fall at Bridal Veil Falls

This canyon, well known to skiers, is overly congested, but the solution is staggeringly expensive

The worst wildfires in the U.S. … and that includes a fire tornado

Smoke is blanketing the West. When will it clear?

A fishing legend in his own lake

Where is the smoke in Utah coming from?

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Is the Biden administration stirring up race wars among ranchers in the West?

If you are a rancher or farmer who has taken out a loan with the federal government to get rid of some of your debt, you can get that debt forgiven. But not if you are white. Here’s why some ranchers, and an appellate judge, says that is a problem.

Deadly attacks in the West: How to stay safe from grizzlies, black bears, mountain lions

Fourth of July fireworks: Did Utahns behave themselves?

Could someone pay you to save water this summer?

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Renters in this hot market are scared and frustrated. But there’s help

A stunning 1 in 5 Utah renters are considered "severely cost-burdened," meaning they pay more than 50% of their income on rent, according to state and federal data.

How to prepare your family for wildfire season

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Why summer 2021 is looking hot, dry and flammable

What you need to know about why the drought is here to stay, how to conserve water, wildfire risk, where fireworks are or aren’t allowed, and what politicians are or aren’t doing.

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Meet the man who ‘introduced America to Americans’

As travel returns, the open road has never been more inviting. Here’s the story of Fred Harvey, who invented hospitality as we know it, and a tour through his America.

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How an old dance is healing new wounds

How one Navajo photographer passed down a history of healing and brought his family closer together.

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What happened after a governor asked his state to pray for rain

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox posted a series of tweets in response to comments about his call to pray for rain, starting by writing that Utah — along with most of the West — "is experiencing its worst drought since 1956."

Pray for rain: Utah Gov. Spencer Cox says ‘divine intervention’ is needed amid dire drought

The holiday weekend is over, but national parks are still bursting with visitors

Could a lake in Iran help save the Great Salt Lake from drying up?

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The tense relationship between mountain lions and humans is only going to get worse

Is our fear of mountain lions unwarranted — or an alarm bell for the changing West?

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Step inside the West’s ‘insane’ housing market

Utah’s Salt Lake City metro area is a contender for having one of the hottest emerging housing markets in the West. Its big competitor is Idaho, where out-of-state homebuyers are leaving big cities in search of cheaper homes with more space.