It looks like Halloween led to five COVID-19 outbreaks across the state of the New Jersey, CNN reports.

What’s going on?

New Jersey’s Department of Health spokeswoman Donna Leusner told CNN that five COVID-19 outbreaks included 70 cases from Halloween parties and other gatherings among young people.

  • “If you let your guard down, you could be exposed and not even know it if someone is asymptomatic,” Leusner told CNN.
  • “For example, we know of 10 outbreaks among hockey teams. Since the second week of November, we know of five outbreaks totaling 70 cases from Halloween parties and other social gatherings among students.”
Your questions about Halloween 2020 and the pandemic, answered

State of play in New Jersey:

New Jersey reported 3.877 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, which is the highest number of daily cases in that state since April.

  • “These numbers are devastating,” Gov. Phil Murphy said on Twitter. “We are still in the midst of a pandemic. Wear a mask. Social distance. Stay safe.”

Halloween in Utah:

Experts advised people to stay away from parties and social gatherings on Halloween. That was not always the case in Utah. Thousands attended a Halloween party in Utah County. Those who were there suggested between 2,000 and 10,000 people attended the party.