Have you ever eaten a pizza so delicious and comforting that you wished you could just roll yourself up in it’s warm cheesy embrace? Well folks, in the year 2020 — when anything is possible — some dreams are coming true.

Pizza Hut announced Wednesday that the company is selling giant weighted blankets that look (but don’t taste) just like their famous Original Pan pizza. Now patrons can snuggle up in a big cozy blanket that the restaurant claims is “almost as warm and toasty as the legendary pizza itself,” according to Business Insider.

Key quote

George Felix, Pizza Hut’s chief marketing officer, said in a press release (via Food and Wine).

“There’s no better way to close out 2020 than eating a Pizza Hut Original Pan Pizza while wrapped in the warmth and comfort of the Original Pan Weighted Blanket. ... This partnership with Gravity Blanket was the perfect solution to bring one of our legendary pizzas to life while bringing our fans a little TLC at the same time.”

About the blanket

  • The Original Pan Weighted Blanket is 72 inches in diameter and weighs 15 pounds (which, according to AV Club, is about eight times as heavy as a large Pizza Hut pizza).
  • The blankets were designed and produced in collaboration with the weighted blanket company Gravity Blanket, Food and Wine reports.
  • According to Business Insider, recent findings suggest that weighted blankets can improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety by providing constant gentle pressure, though research is still in its nascent stages.
  • This new limited-edition item holds a heavy (pardon the pun) price tag of $150. However, Food and Wine pointed out the steep price is actually a 25% discount from what customers would expect to pay for similar items from Gravity Blanket. According to the site, Gravity Blanket’s standard blanket sells for $195.

How to get one

When Pizza Hut announced the new product Wednesday, the limited-edition blankets were available for purchase at OriginalPanBlanket.com.

Unfortunately, according to Fox News, the item sold out in a matter of hours. The restaurant chain announced in a tweet on Nov. 18 that the last of their Original Pan Weighted Blankets had been sold.

It is unclear if the company intends to manufacture more weighted blankets in the future, but prospective buyers can take solace in the knowledge the product’s website has a “notify me when available” button.

While the Original Pan Weighted Blanket remains out of stock for who knows how long, plenty of Pizza Hut’s Original Pan pizzas and weighted blankets from Gravity Blanket are still widely available to help tide us over.