You might have to leave out a plate of brownies for Santa Claus this year because, according to Today, some of Pepperidge Farm’s most popular cookies will be in short supply this holiday season.

The cookie provider’s parent company, Campbell Soup, recently announced that production has slowed down as a result of a series of pandemic related supply restraints, including labor shortages, Bloomberg reports.

Amid these constraints, Pepperidge Farm has seen an increase in product demand over the past several months.

According to the company, the combination of increased demand and labor shortages has made it extremely difficult for Pepperidge Farm to keep stock of two of their most popular cookies.

A Campbell’s spokesperson recently told Today:

“Cookie demand has been through the roof for months now and we’ve been working around the clock to meet it...Our cookies with unique shapes, like the Bordeaux and Chessmen varieties, have been more impacted by supply constraints. They’re very specific recipes, so because of demand, you might not be able to find (them).”

A new report from Top Data shows that Americans have been consuming more cookies during the pandemic. The demand for cookies has risen 25% in recent months and, according to the study, one in five Americans say they eat more than three cookies a day. The new data also reveals that 32% of Americans consume 24 to 42 cookies a month while 15.5% will eat somewhere between 48 and 66 cookies over that span.

Even with the ongoing supply chain issues, Pepperidge Farm plans to keep producing cookies as quickly and safely as they can.

“We’ve made these cookies for decades and we’ll continue to make them,” the spokesperson told Today. “There will be plenty of Pepperidge Farm cookies for Santa.” Whew, that’s a relief.

Pepperidge Farm is the latest company to announce shortages in a year full of supply chain complications. Earlier this year, Tyson Foods announced the possibility of meat shortages, and who could forget the run on toilet paper that happened in March.